• A safe home for the abandoned children
  • A safe home for the abandoned elderlies
  • A safe home for the sexually abused

About The Foundation

The Cullinan Group Foundation (CGF) is a 501c3 Public Charity Nonprofit Organization based out of US A with office in the Philippines. CGF’s goal is to find the rough diamond in people and provide them the necessary assistance needed to make them shine. We believe that Second Chance is meant for those who truly need it so they too can make the change needed to improve their community.

Although the project is quite massive in its plan, it did not come from a mere dream of having something to do. Those are the very core solution needed to solve the problem which came from Board Members' global experience for over 30 years. Each piece are the very niche solution needed to help alleviate poverty the right way for an impact that will last for centuries. To make this possible, CGF continues to raise fund for its operational and construction costs.

Today CGF exists conservatively on its operation to give as much as it can to the community while it continues to search for grantor/donor for support. It has received in-kind donation from different USA companies on equipment and software but it continues to lack the funding needed to operate fully including construction costs. Despite such challenge, in-kind donations for community giving continues as donations come in.

If you or anyone you know is interested in supporting our program please contact one of our Board Members for assistance. We hope that together you can join us towards helping those who truly need it most!


Current Funding Needs

CGF is currently seeking donors/grantors to fund its construction projects and to operate programs fully. If you would like to help, please contact us. We look forward to shining together with you by providing second chance to those who need it most.


A Home for Christmas

The campaign site for the repair of 1 home which will be used to house about 100 abandoned and abused children is ready. Please spread the info. We need all the help we can get to repair the home in time for Christmas move in.

All donations are tax deductible. We have plenty of volunteers who will do the repair so the labor is free. The campaign is to purchase the materials and get the place ready.


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Our Team

Team Member

Maria (Mylene) Diaz

Board Member & Founder
Product Development

Developed CGF's socioeconomic program based on her 30+ years global experience. Experienced in 501C3 Public Charity Nonprofit Planning, Union and Non-Union Human Resources and Recruiting, Training, International Business, Healthcare, and Manufacturing.

Team Member

Robert A

Board Member

Have over 30 years experience managing departments, plants, divisions and companies for Fortune 500 organizations. Have significant C-Level experience running complex operations with P&L in excess of $150 million.

Team Member

Lormen A

Board Member
Secretary (PH)
Team Member

Abe A

Board Member
Secretary (US)
Team Member

Mary Ann

Board Member
Team Member


Founder Representative

Jim M

Tax Attorney

Steve R

Immigration Attorney

Mely N

Employment Advisor

Wilhemia A

Social Worker, Director of Children Program

Emilie P

Board and Exec Asst, Director of Community Program

Engr. Manuel

Director of Job Testing
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Board Member Position

To expand the cause further beyond its limitation, Cullinan Group Foundation (CGF) partners with several firms who are willing to comply with reporting requirements. It has been successfully spreading its cause through the efforts of growing Loyal Volunteer, support from Board Members, Loyal Partners who are true to its giving program such as DSWD, several Barangay locations and other nonprofits. Together it makes giving through challenging times always possible!

Board Members, Executives and Volunteers in Action

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