The Cullinan Group Foundation (CGF) is a 501c3 Public Charity Nonprofit Organization based out of US A with office in the Philippines.

CGF’s goal is to find the rough diamond in people and provide them the necessary assistance needed to make them shine. We believe that Second Chance is meant for those who truly need it so they too can make the change needed to improve their community.

To make this possible, CGF raises funds toward a world-wide campaign with emphasis in the United States and the Philippines, to help fight lack of
education and provide scholarships; fulfill unmet medical needs and facilities; affordable, safe and accessible housing; training farmers for new crop
production; local employment and any/all empowerment opportunities to aide the less fortunate and poverty stricken with the tools and opportunities to become self-sufficient and prosper within today’s world. Projects made available as soon as funded by generous donors.

  Pick a country to see what is happening in your community.
Due to overwhelming request from other nonprofits who are
seeking assistance and local businesses looking for ways to
grow, we started a Quarterly Nonprofit Resource Magazine to
feature them accordingly. We believe that help should not be
limited to just us because together we can all improve the world.

Photo Collection by CGF and Friends